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Life Full of Surprises

The story behind Life Full of Surprises is very interesting. More than a year ago, Caroline Trichet the General Manager Pullman Dubai Jumeirah Lakes Towers had initiated the talk with Waroox. The idea was to visit Dubai and perform a special Art week under the umbrella of one of Pullman brand pillars – Artists Playground

Months passed by and the story was yet to come to reality. The unbeatable persistence of Caroline Trichet finally bought Waroox to Dubai as well as the Pullman guests. The guests were amazed by the special live performances on Thursday, the 12th of Dec 2019 and enchanting the lobby with an evening of arts in a merry festive joyous atmosphere.

The Life Full of Surprises collaboration initiated by Caroline Trichet for an exceptional performance by Waroox- The French Artist coming from L’ile de la Reunion and Sylvia Ong, based in Dubai coming from Asia! The Pullman brand initiative has always been about connecting the surrounding community with talented artists. And thus gave life to a fantastic collaboration and a powerful piece of art! “

“Life Full of Surprises”


The staircase, a tiny window space where you can look out to a beautiful blue sky that gives the impression of peace and freedom. Options are there…You can choose to stay or sit by enjoying a cup of coffee with a view of a beautiful blue sky. Or you take a leap, a first step to explore and to achieve something greater in lifelike stepping into forests and have your own journey of adventures.

Abstract background of Sylvia aiming to paint and mirror the nature of forest, flowers, foliages and the reflection from the puddles and stream. Usually, people think of peace when it comes to nature.  As much as the artwork highlights the beauty of nature, this piece explores its flaws. Isn’t it happening with us people? Diving into our day to day experiences and exploring life and its secrets always with more memories to make us stronger day after day. The pyramid, the eyes, the sun, the moon, love, and the Key! Throughout this journey and when you reach the top of the mountain this means the spiritual growth is there with the feeling of accomplishment! The person chooses this path of self- discovery or journey and as a result, has reached a heightened state of awareness and key to happiness.

Life Full of Surprises, a Powerful piece of art, exposed now at Pullman JLT lobby, signed by both Waroox and Sylvia with a special dedication to Caroline Trichet the mentor of this collaboration.

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